This page will link to all the major articles I am ambitiously planning to write. However, the bulk of this website will be, and will always be, my journal. I created this blog as a place collect all of my progress toward language learning in one easily accessible place. So don’t expect too many motivational/explanation articles, and plan more for boring self-reflection.


Watchu’ Watchin’? Series

My Method

This is my attempt at outlining how I’ve been studying Japanese. These articles are not going to be huge pools of knowledge since most of the actual information is already readily available on the web. These are just little blog posts about what I’ve done for each step of the journey.

Part 0: Introductions

Part 1: Getting Used to the Sounds

Part 2: Learn the Script

Part 3: Sentences (coming soon)

Part 4: Vocabulary (coming soon)

Tips and Techniques

Manga Is Not As Hard As You Think

Why Starting Over Can Help

We Need More Half-Baked Readers!

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