Study Data – February

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I started keeping track of exactly how much time I spend studying languages. This is mostly to keep me motivated, since seeing quantitative data really gets me going, but it’s also to hold myself accountable for the goals I’m setting. Each month I’ll compile all the data I’m tracking into an excel spreadsheet and compare it to the arbitrary goals I set at the beginning of the month. Since I’m still working out all the kinks on how I compile this together, the way the data is presented may change a bit from month to month. It’s all the same stuff though. So if you’re interested, I made a pdf of the essential information I extracted from the data, aka the interesting bits.

Study Stats - February

February Study Data – Click for PDF version

So technically I didn’t meet a couple of my goals. For Japanese, I missed my listening goal of 4 hours by 43 minutes. This is listening to anything that doesn’t involve reading subtitles/transcripts – music, non-subbed anime/dramas, podcasts, etc. Additionally, this is tracking active listening only. Most of the time I’m listening to some anime or dramas while doing Anki reps, surfing the Internet, or doing homework. Since I’m not actually focusing my attention on listening, I don’t count it towards this goal.

For Spanish, my 3 hours on the Goldlist method was a complete ballpark estimate. I had no idea how much time I would spend actively creating new entries and reviewing old ones, so I made up 3 hours. I actually spent about 2 hours on this task, so next month’s goal will be more feasible (and also based on reality). For Spanish listening, I was very close to my goal of 1 hour with an actual total of 43 minutes. This has the same requirements as my Japanese listening goal, and mostly consisted of Spanish music. For this I’m pretty much just trying to get used to the way Spanish sounds, as well as trying to find good immersion material that I enjoy so when my comprehension is better I will have something to listen to.

March Goals

With all that being said, here’s a quick run down of my goals for March:

Anki – 15 hours
Reading – 13 hours
Subtitles – 4 hours
Listening – 3 hours

Duolingo – 8 hours
Goldlist – 2 hours
Listening – 30 minutes


6 Week Challenge Update

Speaking of keeping track of numbers, the 6WC officially ends on the March 15th and I’m feeling really great about my progress. I’ve been hovering in between 16th and 20th for most of the competition (which is waaaaaayy better than I expected). Right now I’m holding 16th place, but that will probably change in the next 15 minutes since the actual positions are constantly shifting around.


6WC stats – Click to see all the fancy graphs

I hope I will be able to keep pushing forward for these next 10 days. I think I found a comfortable groove in how much I’m doing each day. Just as long as I keep reading and keep up with my Anki reviews, I will be satisfied. My short term goal for the next 10 days is to finish at least 2 volumes of manga. I just recently downloaded several easy slice-of-life manga which are actually really entertaining to read and at my current skill level. If I can finish Yotsubato volume 11 and something else (Kimi no Todoke or Nodame Cantabile), I will be a happy camper.


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