Finals week is coming up at school so my Japanese studies will probably be lacking soon. But not today! I powered through the overdue cards I still had left over from this weekend and added 10 new J-J cards and 20 Kanji. I always forget how good it feels to have all my decks zero-d out. It’s kind of an addicting feeling.

My J-J branching word document – it holds all of the example sentences and definitions that I’ve been adding to anki – is starting to get a little ridiculous. I’m on my ninth full branching from the original sentence I started out with (毎日を楽しく過ごす) and I have 5 pages full of sentences and definitions. My most recent branch of definitions has 44 new vocabulary words, and the one before that had 32. Ugh. Some definitions that I use have many many new words included and it’s a little overwhelming sometimes. But I’m trying to push through and hopefully it will become less intense soon. I can’t decide whether I should continue down the branching path in currently in, or start a new one since it’s getting a little absurd. I think I’ll continue doing what I’m doing because I am actually seeing real progress. The definitions that I learned at the beginning are pretty much fully comprehensible so it would be silly to stop doing something that’s working.

The other concern I have this plan is whether the vocab I’m learning will actually be useful to me. There are lots of words that seem to be pretty obscure and I don’t know if it’s worth learning. My rationale is that these words are used in definitions and what I’m doing is specifically focused on learning how to use a monolingual dictionary. So these words are useful in that respect. Will they be used in everyday conversation? Probably not. But that’s not my current goal right now. Once I can get comfortable using J-J definitions and the words that are used in those definitions, then I can start focusing on conversational vocabulary (monolingual lookups for those too!)


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