Big Day Today (Apparently)

Haven’t really been on this blog recently. No big deal. I’ve been struggling to keep up with my Japanese studies due to school and other commitments, but I’m still hanging in there. While I don’t always finish all my reviews every day now, I do make sure they get everything done in a timely manner.

A few updates, I’m not working on Core 6k anymore. It was causing too much stress and was the reason I neglected studying Japanese for a couple of weeks so, naturally, I threw it out. I think it’s a fantastic resource and can really help if you have enough motivation to power through it, but I definitely did not have that motivation. It got to the point where I was failing and relearning just about every new word I added, and then getting mad at myself for not remembering these difficult (and out of context) words.

I’ve been slowly adding sentences to my sentence deck, and as you can see I split up my awesome progress bars over on the right to J-E and J-J sentence decks. And guess what? I reached my goal of 1000 J-E sentences! It’s kind of a strange victory because I didn’t even realize it until today (and I actually exceeded my goal by 50).

I’ve always subscribed to’s methods of learning. They have always just appealed to me on some basic level. However, I have never really followed his structure, always just picking and choosing ideas and concepts and applying them to whatever I’m doing. Now it’s time to go with my gut and follow his plans a little more closely to see if it works for me. I’ve already reached one major goal, 1000 J-E sentences. It’s time to start working on the next, 1000+ J-J sentences. Now this is going to be a lot harder. I’ve been experimenting with J-J cards and they are time consuming and require a lot of focus to create. Hopefully once I get into the groove of things, it will start making more sense.


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