Small update on my core6k deck. Instead of going in the optimized vocabulary order that I started in, I’ve since suspended everything and am unsuspending words that I come across online, in Tae Kim, or in other core sentences. Before I was having trouble getting the words to stick in my head and I think the reason is I was seeing them out of any other context. Even if the context is from other core sentences, I still have a frame of reference for the word that I’m learning. The vocabulary is now coming from gaps in my knowledge from things that I’m trying to read right now, rather than from a wordlist. To me, that feels like a stronger connection.

I also haven’t been using my learn deck in a few days. Maybe it was that recent change to the card layout that pushed me away from it. Either way, I’m always moving forward with things that I find are working for me so no need to feel attached to any particular idea. The card layout change was just an attempt at making these vocab words stick better and it obviously didn’t work. Experimenting ftw!!


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