I’ve been going through a lot of change in my personal life recently so I feel like I’ve been barely clinging on to my Japanese. However, when you study a new language you have to find little victories to keep yourself motivated. Yesterday was one of those little victories.

It was mayhem at work yesterday. I ran all around campus doing things for the majority of my 7 hour shift. Usually I have plenty of downtime to relax at my desk and complete my anki reps/add new stuff/read random japanese articles, but not yesterday. Fortunately though I spent a large amount of time just walking from building to building, so anytime I would be outside walking I would just whip out my phone and do some reps. I ended up reviewing everything I needed to this way.

If I haven’t already talked about it on here before, I’ve decided to whittle away at my kanji deck to get it back in order. After I got home from work I managed to get my kanji deck down below 1000 overdue cards. As terrible as this sounds, this is good news. At it’s peak, I had over 1700 overdue cards. So breaking the thousand marker is a good feeling.

And lastly, I read over 100 pages of よつばと volume 1 all in Japanese. This is really the best part, in my opinion. I have been wanting to do more extensive reading but anytime I would try and start, I would just get discouraged from lack of comprehension and then get frustrated at my inability to read something without understanding 100% of it. Apparently my level of comprehension has gotten a lot better since the last time I tried reading よつばと. I also am not worrying about understanding 100% of the text now, which is actually a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. For the first 20 or so pages, anytime I saw a word I didn’t know I had to consciously tell myself it was okay that I didn’t know it and I should keep reading anyway.

I just started following a blog called Is It Possible? I really like her “Challenges” that she gives herself. Summer Reading Challenge, Light Novel Challenge, Fall Kanji Challenge, etc. After being sufficiently motivated, I’m thinking about doing something similar. Perhaps some sort of reading challenge for myself? I’m still mulling over which manga to buy, but once I do that I’ll have plenty of reading material. Giving myself some goals and deadlines may motivate me to read even more.


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