– 15 sentences
– 30 vocab words

After neglecting my kanji deck for way too long, I’ve decided to work on getting it back to normal. That’s tough with 1700 overdue cards though. The past few days I’ve been putting in at least 100 reps and I’ve brought it down to 1250. It’s difficult for me to keep at it because I feel like this deck isn’t really helping me at all. I’m glad that I went through RTK because it most definitely made kanji a lot less scary than they used to be, but keeping the standard “keyword on the front, kanji on the back” model may be the problem. I’ve been adding Japanese keywords in as I go. Maybe I need to just add Japanese keywords to everything all at once and slowly phase out the English keywords? That’d make the deck feel more like cloze deletion cards than production cards. Either way, I’m not going to do anything until I get my reviews down to zero. Hopefully I won’t have to do 700 reps in one day like I did the last time I got behind.

Another note, I have been wanting to buy Shadowing: Let’s Speak Japanese for awhile now. Unfortunately the reason I haven’t yet is because I don’t really have a convenient address to send it to. I’m in the process of finding a new apartment and I need to be out of my current one by Friday, so it’s a little hectic right now. The last thing I want to do is worry about what shipping address to use. BUT once I move (aka next week), I’m going to buy this shadowing book and at least 4 different manga. I’m thinking of getting Prince of Tennis because I freaking love the anime. I bet the manga will be just as awesome (didn’t think tennis could be awesome, eh?).


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