My Method: Introductions

So I’ve decided to sit down and explicitly write out my study methods in order to help cement exactly what it is I do for all these hours of the day. Also to help out anyone that might be interested in how to tackle a foreign language. Before diving in, let me get it out of the way and tell you that I’ve stolen all of these ideas from other people all over the internet. People like AJATT, Antimoon, the RevTK forums, as well as many others have given me amazing insight to how I personally like to learn. So, for more information I would highly recommend perusing through those blogs and websites for more ideas.

Another quick note before digging in, this method assumes you are going to use an SRS (I use Anki) to organize everything that you learn. If you don’t know what an SRS is, check out this or this. I believe that using Anki is a very important part of this method, but I will leave it to better writers to explain why.

Part 1: Getting Used to the Sounds


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