I’ve gotten through 20% of Core 6k! Hooray! I knew I would love those progress bars. They really do help my motivation a lot.

My sentence deck is a little stagnate right now. I was getting a bunch of sentences from some manga that I have, but unfortunately I lent both of those out recently so I don’t really know where to read/collect sentences. It’s difficult for me to read online because there’s not a lot of material that interests me enough/is easy enough to comprehend that I can get good i+1 sentences. I guess I’ll have to buy some more manga 😉

But really, I was playing with the idea of finishing up the suspended Tae Kim sentences that I have in my deck. I think now is a good time to finish that. I have 262 sentences left. I think that will take me all the way to the end of the guide. That will also bring me over the 1000 sentence mark which will be cool. I’ve gone through and looked at some of the sentence cards that I have in there, and it looks like a good bit of hard work. A lot of new vocab. I could try to log all the words that I don’t know as I’m going through and unsuspend them from my core deck? So, at least temporarily, instead of going in core order I could jump around and grab the Tae Kim vocab. Then after I finish I could move right back to the normal vocab order. It might be worth it. Of course, this is assuming that I won’t be able to just go through the sentences and learn the vocab along with the grammar. It may be easy enough to just do that. I’ll have to think about it.


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