So I finished all my reviews and added 30 words to my Core deck all before 10:00am. That’s pretty cool.

Also, I added a nifty progress bar to the side of the page with my current deck stats. I’ll probably update that every few days or so. Actually seeing my progress in physical progress bars is a little strange, just because I felt like I was further along than I actually am. Of course I am aiming pretty high right now. 10,000 sentences and 6,000 vocabulary words is a helluva lot. I should be proud that after 2.8 months of Core 6k, I’m almost 20% completed. Of course if I keep this pace up, it’ll be another year before I finish. And I don’t want to take that long. A little extra motivation never hurts anyone I guess.

In other news, I started dabbling around with Esperanto yesterday. I’ve thought about learning it in the past and I always decided that I better focus on real languages rather than one that has no physical location or media that I can enjoy, etc etc. However, I believe that personal interest should always be the main motivator for learning a language rather than utility. So I began reexamining Esperanto to see if I would like to learn more. I must say, I really enjoy the way this language sounds. It combines a lot of European languages together into an interesting combination. So far I haven’t had any trouble pronouncing the sentences I’ve learned ( I’m going through the lessons at http://en.lernu.net/), unlike French, which makes me sound like dog with peanut butter on the roof of it’s mouth. I started making an Anki deck from the sentences on Lernu and I think I’ll keep at it.


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