Here’s a breakdown of what I’ve been working on:
Core 6k: I’ve been slowly making my way through this. I’ve decreased the number of new cards to 30 instead of 40 and I think this will make it much easier to stay on top of my reviews. I was having a bit of trouble before. I’m currently at 1121, so half way through Core2k. Here are my stats:

Card Maturity
Mature cards: 713 (11.9%)
Young cards: 408 (6.8%)
Unseen cards: 4878 (81.3%)
Average interval: 44.6 days

Correct Answers
Mature cards: 92.8% (438 of 472)
Young cards: 83.6% (4943 of 5912)
First-seen cards: 74.6% (836 of 1121)

The only thing I’m doing in order to “learn” the words right now is exporting the next 30 words and sticking them in my Learn Deck. Then I’ll just review them throughout the day and add them to my actual Core deck the next day. I’m not using any sort of mnemonic devices, just powering through trying to get the readings to stick. I’m not as concerned about the meanings during this time because I figure the nuance of all these words will become clearer with time.


My sentence deck is just a plain vanilla AJATT style deck. Sentence on one side, reading and meaning of the one or two words I’m testing on the other. Occasionally I’ll add Core sentences to this deck when there’s a single word that I don’t know (words that aren’t part of the core series). Other than that, I’m getting my sentences from anywhere. Manga, the web, movies, anime, blah blah blah. You get the idea.

Card Maturity
Mature cards: 636 (62.0%)
Young cards: 103 (10.0%)
Unseen cards: 286 (27.9%)
Average interval: 100.1 days

Correct Answers
Mature cards: 87.3% (1222 of 1400)
Young cards: 89.3% (3724 of 4170)
First-seen cards: 88.4% (441 of 499)


My kanji deck is still extremely daunting. I’ve got a little over 1300 cards due. I’ll work on this eventually. I’m really not concerned about this just because I’m still being exposed to kanji on a daily basis (sentences and core vocab). I’ve just forgotten the heisig keywords, which really aren’t all that important in the grand scheme of things. Still though, I’d like to get on top of it and get my reviews back to normal. This is more of a long term goal.


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