I’m going to start this journal entry with the negatives. I have been having trouble recently keeping my motivation up, and subsequently I haven’t been keeping up with my reviews very well. Since I’m hardly even finishing my reviews, I’m not really adding anything either. My kanji deck has gotten over 1000 due cards and I’m finding it exponentially harder to find the time to widdle those down. I’m playing with the idea of completely trashing the deck and not worrying about it anymore. I’ve read plenty of stuff about people stopping the rtk reviews. While I don’t really want to do that, I found that before I just completely stopped doing the reviews I detested kanji reviews. They felt so artificial and pointless, as if I was wasting time on something that wouldn’t help me AT ALL. I did find that doing the MCD reps that involved kanji production were much more fun, so maybe I’ll work hard on making a butt ton of MCD cards from all the kanji that I should know and work on that for production instead. It was certainly a lot more fun than the standard rtk deck. I’m not sure. I don’t think I’ll make any decisions until I have my vocab crap all settled.
Oh btw, I deleted my old MCD deck. I didn’t like it and it felt useless. However, I was sort of going in all sorts of different directions with card layout/purpose. Having a focus (kanji practice) may motivate me to create a layout that works and creates tangible progress. Who knows.
Speaking of which, Core is dragging along, atleast I’ve managed to catch up on all my reviews today (and even work on adding new cards in my learn deck!). I changed the number of cards per day to 40 because doing 40 cards in my learn deck didn’t really require much more work than doing 20 so I thought, what the hell. I also want to finish Core before the end of the year, and right now I’ve barely made it past the 1000 mark. So I’m going to really need to step up my game. The words, however, are starting to fall into place easier. The readings are actually sticking quicker than the meaning, which I found odd. It makes sense though. I’ve been seeing the connections between the kanji and the reading and associating the two much quicker than kanji-to-meaning. I’m sure the meaning will develop just fine, I’m not worried.
Sentence deck is just stagnating. I have some overdue reviews, but I plan on finishing them today. I haven’t really added any sentences in awhile and I don’t really plan to. I’ve added the sentence audio to my core deck and I’ve been reading those sentences more (they’ve started to be comprehensible!) I might even change my card layout a little bit in order to make the sentence the focal point rather than the vocab word. Probably won’t do that any time soon though. I just thought of the idea today.
I have that JDrama deck I stole from IceCream that I’ve done a little bit with. I was thinking of making it a production style deck where I listen to the audio clip and transcribe it, if I get the transcription correct then I pass the card. Obviously I need to know all the words and the meaning of the sentence, but having to transcribe it keeps me honest on whether I actually heard it or not. I don’t know if this will be more work than necessary, but I really want to start using JDramas in the srs more. It’s a perfect source for native content, just as long as it’s comprehensible. The only thing holding me back is the amount of work that would go into crafting a deck that I’m pleased with (subs2srs, finding a good drama to use, etc etc).

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