So Japanese over the summer time has been pretty good. I’ve been playing a game of tag with my kanji deck and for the most part I’m losing. It’ll take me the whole week to catch up, then once the weekend rolls around, I’ll end up with a stack of 400 overdue cards. I just have a hard time motivating myself to do the reps over the weekend. I really need to fix this problem.
Core deck is going very well. Now that I’ve gotten to the point of learning 95% new words, I’ve been cruising at 20 words per day. That gives me below 100 daily reviews which is exactly where I want to be. I’m currently at word 614 so I feel like I’m making some good progress. My young card retention rate is 83% which is the best, but since I’m pretty much just rote memorizing them (no mnemonics or special strategy for new words, just keeping plugging away at them in anki) I think it’s acceptable.
I haven’t been adding too many cards to my everything deck. The reviews have been floating around the 50s which is also perfectly fine for now. It’s nice to not have my anki reviews be super stressful because there’s so many of them. I powered through rtk and tae kim so it’s nice to have some chill time with anki rather than associating it with bad feelings. Sentences are at 645 (501 tae kim, 144 mined sentences) and Vocabulary is at 472.
MCD deck hasn’t done much recently. Daily reviews are like 3-5. I have 76 MCDs right now. Honestly, there’s probably only about 10 ACTUAL MCDs. The rest are cloze delete cards. MCD is just a short acronym that is useful to use, but I’m still not delighted about this deck. I keep it around because Jan seems to like them so much and I feel like I may get some use out of them some day soon. Since it’s not a burden right now there’s no sense in not just maintaining it like I have been.
Reading has been pretty cool recently. I found a cool website with easy stories and clickable vocab that’s motivated me a lot since I can actually read stuff with like 80-90% comprehension. It’ll be really cool once I can do that with bigger and more difficult text/books. I have a feeling that it will help me enormously.
I want to listen and speak more but I’m pretty darn scared. I want to have better comprehension before diving in head first, but that’s what they all say isn’t it? I think it’s still okay to postpone the talking. Maybe once the semester starts up and I go to the Kaiwa tables at UT I’ll feel better about myself. I should start lang8 journal entries and make a habit of it. Just hasn’t happened yet.
I know this isn’t about Japanese, but this diary is more about language learning; I started an anki deck of french sentences. I’m not sure what I feel about it yet, but there’s only 20 or so and the reviews are 3 or 4 a day so it’s not much upkeep. I’ve been flirting around with other languages and I think I might try to devote a little bit of time to another language besides Japanese (be it french or something else. Just started thinking about finnish today!). Don’t really care if this will affect my Japanese or not, it’s fun and I want to eventually learn a bunch of languages so I might as well get my feet a little wet.

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