I’ve been experimenting with several different techniques recently. For some reason I’ve just been really motivated to study Japanese, so I’m rolling with it.

For starters, I started Core2k6k again, although I wouldn’t call what I did last time really starting it. Instead of doing sentences like last time, I’m doing pure vocab cards. Front: kanji vocab word Back: reading, meaning, sentence. Super simple. I’m trying to burn through all the words I already know going at a pace of 40 words per day. It’s working out pretty well so far so we’ll see where that goes.
I’ve created an MCD deck. Along with srsing the vocab words in my Everything Else deck, I’m going to start going through Harry Potter paragraph by paragraph mining for vocab words and MCDs of the kanji, then eventually sentences, and possibly listening cards utilizing the audiobook (yes, most definitely going to do this at some point).
I also was playing around with monolingual definitions/ word branching. Aka, look up a definition and an example sentence for a word. If that example sentence then has words I don’t know, I look those up and do the same process. I would like to start doing this with the monolingual definitions as well, but all in due time.
I also started a Subs2srs deck (this is so much stuff now that I’m writing it down). It’s for 日本人の知らない日本語. I’m going to go through slowly, adding vocab/sentence cards for the words/grammar I don’t know and then go through the deck for comprehension practice once I understand each sentence. I’m going to do them in batches of 5 to 10 so I can make my way through the episode. So far I’ve only added the necessary vocab cards for the first 5 cards of the deck and I’ll work on those once I get the words over to my long-term Everything Else deck.
Of course, on top of all this I’m keeping up with my Kanji and Everything deck, and occasionally adding sentences from 鋼の錬金術師. That is still very very fun, which is super motivating sometimes.
Okay, time to study more for finals.

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