Core2k6k has been put on hold for the time being. I kept running into errors with my anki deck and it was getting very frustrating.
I’ll just post some thoughts on what I’m currently doing.
– Combining all my decks together was a great idea. I like working from one deck and having everything done in one go. It can be a little bothersome when I feel like doing normal sentences and I’m stuck doing a thousand Tae Kim cloze delete reps, but that’s a very small gripe and one that will work itself out once all my Tae Kim sentences get bigger intervals.
– I’ve been mining sentences from Fullmetal Alchemist with amazing results. The results are mainly because I actually really enjoy the process of reading and mining from physical manga. It’s great because you can skip around here and there taking bits that you like and not worrying about not understanding (I’ve watched FMA many times and have read the first volume in English so I am very familiar with the story. And also there’s pictures everywhere!). I also tried reading a little bit from キノの旅 in yomichan and I was actually able to read and understand more than I have before, so that was a big boost to motivation. Once everything cools down a bit, I’m going to start reading a lot with yomichan just because it is so rewarding.
– School is currently in crunch time right now so I haven’t been able to add much in the way of Japanese. Keeping up with reviews is hard as it is, and I’m not even doing that all of the time. Honestly though, I’m not really worried about missing a day or two of reviews. My daily reviews are less than 100 for both decks so missing one or two days doesn’t add up too drastically. So, for the time being, Japanese is on the back burner. Once summer starts I’ll really need to buckle down on teh JPNs.
Some summer goals of mine.
  • read read read read!
    • get through all of FMA, mining random stuff as I go on
    • actually read and vocab mine from kino no tabi (no concrete goal here)
  • ween myself off of RTK stories so that I can accomplish my daily reviews without relying on the stories unless I get a kanji wrong
  • watch dramas/movies/tv shows with Japanese subtitles (no English in media environment)


I doubt that I’ll accomplish all of these but it’s what I’m shooting for. Aim high, so that when you fall you land further.


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