So I’m doing what I didn’t think I ever would. I’m starting Core2k6k. Here’s my reasons why:

My vocabulary sucks. Reading anything native-esque is a HUUUUGE pain in the ass. Having to look up every single word is driving me crazy and making me not want to study.

– Because I have to look up every single word, reading takes a million years. And that’s if I understand what’s being said gramatically/syntax-ically/etc.
– I don’t have the patience to mine native websites for vocab/sentences right now. Since it takes me a long time to decode a sentence, it takes me even longer to pick out words that I like (seemingly at random).
– Busting through a bunch of pre-formatted cards is pretty easy for me to do, at least it was in Tae Kim. If I can blow through Core (and that’s saying a lot, because it gets much harder later on), then I feel like I can dig a little deeper into native sentence mining/etc.
– I’m tired of not being able to communicate at the most BASIC level. I think going through the most frequently used words, it will boost my comprehension rate by quite a bit, as well as help me get started in speaking/production.
– I’m not doing Kanji Odyssey because of the i+2,3, and 4 cards that everyone talks about, it looks like it is harder aka I would need to spend more time on it (time that I don’t have), and I can always do it later if I really want to.
So those are my reasons. I think they’re valid. More importantly, I hope this will spark my Japanese studies so that they’ll pick up. I’ve been playing a lot of catch up recently and I’m tired of it. I want to be proactive with my studies. Maybe once I work down my kanji deck I’ll feel better…
PS, my Core cards have the sentence with the vocab word highlighted on the front, with definition, english translation, and any additional notes I need on the back. I’m also going to use my Learn Deck for the initial learning phase and then import over to my Everything Deck for long-term memory. Depending on how the daily reviews go, I want to work my way up to 30 new cards per day.

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