So, today I combined my grammar, sentence, and vocabulary decks. Now I have 2 decks: Kanji, and Everything Else. I’m not exactly sure what I hope to accomplish with this since I sort of just did it impulsively. I liked managing the “due” cards separately but switching between multiple decks was a pain. Hopefully doing this will help me be more productive. Just doing the reviews for today with one deck felt easier than having to switch through 3 different decks. I’m hopeful and optimistic.
Kanji deck is still super intimidating. It’s at 656 today (without doing any reviews yet). I would like to bring that down this week to something more manageable, but I also have 3 tests in the first half of the week so I might not have time. I’ll have to sit down and devote a whole day to kanji (bleh). I know I’ll feel so much better once I can get a hold of it again.
Moving forward, I think that I’m going to continue to try to mine native-style sources. I had some success reading a couple of wikipedia articles about Ghibli movies, so maybe I’ll just pick out random wiki articles that interest me and mine the vocab, then eventually the sentences (in that order too). I’d like to get a grasp of the vocabulary before putting the sentences in so that I can work on comprehension rather than focusing on the meaning of each word.
I would also like to try to make some MCD cards and see if they help me out with anything. I tried using the MCD plugin for anki but it kept giving me errors. Apparently Jan got it to work so I’ll have to ask him about it. If not, I can just make them manually. I would like to focus on particle usage rather than vocab for the MCD cards, or something related to grammar. I don’t like the idea of learning vocab through clozed delete cards.
One more thing. I was reading through some posts that I saved into evernote and came across the Learn Deck idea that I wanted to try eventually. I think now is the perfect time to give it a try. I’ll save words from rikaisama directly into my “Learn Deck”, go through maybe 20 or so per day, then once I feel comfortable with them I will export them into my main deck.

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