Today is the day I added my last sentence in my Tae Kim deck (at least from the Basic and Essential sections). It’s a good feeling. It sort of snuck up on me, I knew that I only had less than 15 sentences left but I didn’t actively think about me finishing it. BUT I did finish it and I’m very happy.
I have actually been feeling pretty good about my level in Japanese right now. I’ve started slowly increase my immersion environment again, and a lot of what I hear is sounding more and more familiar. I was even sort of keeping up with an episode of My Girl when I was listening on the way back from Colorado. It was a surreal experience, understanding another language.
RTK deck isn’t doing too well. I’ve got over 600 overdue 😦 Since I didn’t do a lot of my reviews over Spring Break, it sort of snowballed isn’t this massive scary looking wall. I’m slowly knocking it down though, a few reviews here a few there. I’m probably never going to enjoy rtk reviews as much as I did now that I’m studying actual Japanese. RTK is just so boring… But I’ll get through it eventually. The key is consistency!

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