Anki stats: 235 cards reviewed in 57.72 minutes
I’ve been trying to keep my total study time INSIDE Anki to be around 1 hour. I think that’s an appropriate amount of time to be studying. Of course it doesn’t take me an hour to get through everything, but the actual time inside anki/doing reps should be around an hour.
I feel pretty good today. I started and completed the Giving and Receiving section of Tae Kim, which leaves me 3 sections left (where two of them don’t really have any example sentences). So I’m just about finished going through Tae Kim’s Basic and Essential Grammar. I still have the Advanced section (or whatever he calls it) but I think I’ll work on that at a later date. I’d like to get more into sentence/vocabulary mining.
I’m not sure how I’m going to do it, but I’d like to have all of my vocabulary acquisition and sentences in the same area so I can measure myself more effectively, but I want to keep my vocab deck. I don’t really want to do this, but I might end up doing it: merging the two decks (with different deck models, obviously) and working on sentences where I add extra vocab cards for the words I don’t know. So I get two different exposures to the vocab: one with vocab only card and one with the sentence.
If I don’t do that then I’ll just ditch the vocab deck and stick with only sentences. I don’t think I’ll ditch it though. It seems to be helping me connect reading and meaning to kanji/kanji compounds easier than pure sentence mining.
Any chance of ever doing core 2k? Maybe. I might go through it semi-slowly after Tae Kim along with sentence mining a bunch of shit. I have no explicit plans and it kind of scares me 🙂 We’ll see how it goes.

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