Finished reviews for all decks, 353 cards in 1.53 hours.
Reviewing is getting time consuming. RTK is still producing around 100 cards to review per day, if I don’t skip any days. Lately though, I’ve been getting behind on my reviews and playing catch up a few days later. I would like to stop doing this. It’s bothersome and sapping my motivation to see 180+ reviews for something I finished already. I would like to work hard to get my reviews consistently under 100 per day.
Tae Kim is also getting difficult. The new material is hard and the old material is abundant. I’ve slowed down my pace with that deck by quite a bit. I’m trying to add one lesson per day, but I’m afraid with the difficulty of the material I’ll have to split each lesson between two days.
Sentence deck is the one that I like the most right now. I’ve been mining from Yotsubato and Genki, as well as other random sources. I’m going to try to tag everything with where I got it so I have a little more context for the card. Right now I definitely prefer recognition cards over my tae kim clozed delete ones. They’re faster, easier, and more fun. It’s possible to change Tae Kim to recognition but I’m so close to being finished that it might be worth more to continue with the clozed delete. Maybe once I finish the deck I’ll migrate all the sentences over to my sentence deck and change them to recognition.
I want to start a 365 day chain calendar for my anki reviews. As in, if I finish all required reviews for the day, I check off that day. Once I get going, I’ll have a chain of days going and the goal is to not break that chain. I tried doing this recently with reading any book (in english) with a dry erase calendar, but for some reason it was difficult to maintain. Maybe having all 365 days in front of me on a sheet of paper tacked to the wall will create a more real scenario that will motivate me to keep pushing forward.
I’ve also been thinking about SLOWLY starting to learn french. Obviously since I’m struggling to keep up with my current Japanese studies, adopting a new language would be a bad idea. But once my Japanese routine gets more habitual and easier, I’ll start to pick up french.

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