Haven’t really written anything in here in awhile. Guess I’ll do that now. RTK reps are slow going. I’ve hidden the story field from the front of the card with a “hint” button. So if I know the kanji without the story I won’t feel tempted to look at the story. Unfortunately this slows down my reviews quite a bit because I’m judging each keyword on whether I need the story or not. I also didn’t keep up with my reviews this weekend and ended up with a backlog of 350+ kanji reps. I’m not worried though. I’ll plow through them (already plowed through 300ish reps, 100 more to go).
I’ve also decided to scrap pretty much everything that I was planning on doing since it’s way too difficult with my current level of Japanese. I’m digging through the Tae Kim clozed delete deck on anki with some success. I’ve already finished the ‘Basic’ section and am on the ‘Essential’ section. reviews are staying around the 50-60 area which is good since typing out the entire sentence for each card takes a lot of time. I think it’s time worth spent though. Not really sure what I’m going to do after Tae Kim. I would really like to start sentence mining. Since I’ll have a good grammar base, I might be able to finally start subs2srs-ing. I would also like to figure out the morphology plugin, because that would be really really useful for creating i+1 cards. I also might be putting too much thought into this, haha.
Depending on how difficult subs2srs+morph plugin will be, I might just finish off genki1 and genki2 sentences and start mining sentences like the JapaneseLevelUp.com guy. His method is just looking more and more appealing.
RTK deck: 414 cards reviewed in 1.4 hours (holy balls man…)

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